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OK SC Democrats, This is the Bottom, but…

BY PHIL NOBLE Let me begin with three points that won’t surprise anyone and then a fourth that will surprise, maybe even shock you. First, I am a Democrat. I have been ever since I was a nine year old boy handing out leaflets on the street corner for John Kennedy in the 1960 election. […]

The Freak Show that is SC Politics

BY PHIL NOBLE One of the things about the fall that was most exciting to me growing up was the coming of the local fair. I vividly remember all the wonderful sights, sounds and smells of the neon Ferris wheel, the carnival barkers and the frying corn dogs. They all still live in my memory […]

White Cop Shoots Unarmed Black: Will SC be the Next Ferguson?

BY PHIL NOBLE It is front page news all across the state and indeed nationwide – a white policeman shot an unarmed black man in an incident at a filling station in Columbia. A dashboard camera in the police car captured much of what happen. The question is – what now? Will our state erupt […]

Ten at the Top: A Big Idea for S.C.

BY PHIL NOBLE This week more than 800 movers and shakers from 10 Upstate counties gathered in Greenville. It was an amazing event because of (1) what they said, (2) what they did not say, and (3) what it means for the rest of the state. First, who are they? Ten at the Top, or […]

Is the SC Legislature a ‘Den of Thieves’?

BY PHIL NOBLE Exactly 40 years ago this summer, a brash, 36-year-old reformer running for governor called the state Senate “a den of thieves.” A majority of Democratic voters agreed with him, and Charles D. “Pug” Ravenel won the primary to become the Democratic Party’s nominee.. But the good old boys had their revenge. The […]

Slavery in SC Today

BY PHIL NOBLE What a shocking headline, but our Attorney General Alan Wilson says it’s true – and he’s right. Slavery today is not black folks standing on the auction block in the city square. Its modern day equivalent is called “human trafficking” – for the sex trade, enforced labor and especially exploitation of children. […]

SC Education’s Dirty Little Secret

BY PHIL NOBLE First, let’s be honest with ourselves. For most of us – especially us white, urban, middle-class folks – when we hear people talking about the overall poor quality of education in our state, we conjure up images of the Corridor of Shame, i.e. black, rural and poor. We think of it as […]

The State of Rural Education in SC – Some Surprises

BY PHIL NOBLE A regular reader of these weekly columns recent noted that it seems like many of my columns are based on a review of a national study that looks at conditions in each of the 50 states about such things as health, education, job creation, etc. She is right, and there is a […]

We in SC are Generous – Aren’t We?

BY PHIL NOBLE We in South Carolina like to think of ourselves as caring and generous people – willing to give our time and money to help our fellow man. This is how we see ourselves. As most know, it is part of our civic tradition that we lend a hand to our neighbors in […]

NC and SC: How do we compare?

BY PHIL NOBLE I have always had a thing about North Carolina. Simply put, I don’t like them. They stole our name. They try to steal our only President, Andy Jackson. They are twice as big as we are. And what really pains me the most is they usually do things better than we do. […]

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