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Doing the Big Hard Right Thing in SC

BY PHIL NOBLE We in South Carolina love our history. As William Faulkner said of the South, “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” Lately I have been reading a wonderful book about our state’s past – and clearly there are lessons to be learned. The book is Deliver Us from Evil, by […]

Why Are We Abusing Our Children in SC?

BY PHIL NOBLE This is a simple question, and the answer is not simple, but there is something that we can all do to help, and we can do it right now – today Before we go any further, let’s face up to the reality that we are, in fact, abusing our children – or […]

The ‘Education’ of Gov. Nikki Haley

BY PHIL NOBLE Gov. Nikki Haley last week announced her much-anticipated plan to improve education. And, as always in these matters, there is good news and there is bad news. The good news is that she has finally gotten around to dealing with the most important issue facing our state; the bad news is that […]

SC 2014: Are You Better Off…?

BY PHIL NOBLE As the calendar turns to an election year here in South Carolina, all the usual political suspects are starting to offer up all the usual political rhetoric to try to win your vote, with one side telling you that our state’s current economic forecast is cloudy with a chance of Armageddon, and […]

Copy+Paste: SC Digital Learning and Georgia

BY PHIL NOBLE There is a nifty computer function called “copy+paste.” Virtually everyone who uses a computer has figured out how to use this function as it’s very simple and very useful. All you do is highlight some text, from a few words to many pages, then hit “copy” and then decide where you want […]

Nelson Mandela, South Carolina, and ‘A Better Life for All’

BY PHIL NOBLE “Imagine you’re the head of, say, a big German manufacturing company, and you’re thinking of putting a sizable number of jobs here in South Carolina,” said a South Carolina business leader to me earlier this week. “And then you open up your morning newspaper and see this kind of knucklehead stuff. Is […]

What’s Hot at the State Fair? The American Party of SC

BY PHIL NOBLE Like tens of thousands of other South Carolinians, I went to the state fair in Columbia a few weeks ago. It was great fun, and all the usual attractions were there. But there was something new this year – and it was hot. Now I’m a big corn dog and elephant ears […]

The 11th Hour: Warsaw, Kiribati and South Carolina

BY PHIL NOBLE What if I told you that it’s the 11th hour, and that the proof is Warsaw, Kiribati and South Carolina? I suppose the response of most sensible people would be to carefully avert their eyes and keep moving. But some, the more curious perhaps, might be tempted to ask: the 11th hour […]

Clemson & USC Football, Politicians and Great Expectations

BY PHIL NOBLE This week virtually everyone in South Carolina is talking about the Clemson-USC football game. Without a doubt, it’s the biggest Clemson-USC game ever. Dating back to 1896, it is the oldest uninterrupted football rivalry in the South and the second oldest in the country. A 1952 state law requires the two schools […]

Business, Innovation and the Four States of South Carolina

BY PHIL NOBLE This week I had occasion to be in all four parts of South Carolina, talking with a wide variety of business people about innovation, our state and its future. What they said was both extremely encouraging and extremely discouraging. First the good news. From one end of this state to the other, […]

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