A Brief Word on the 2013 Democratic Chair’s Race

SC New Democrats President Phil NobleBY PHIL NOBLE, SCND PRESIDENT

Since the first of the year, we here at the SC New Democrats have begun to receive a small but growing volume of calls and emails asking whether I intend to run for Chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party again this May. And the short answer to that question is no.

The slightly longer answer is that, several months ago I made a commitment to serve with College of Charleston President George Benson as the co-founder and co-director of Envision South Carolina, an eight-week multimedia project that one participant recently called “a celebration of all that’s best in South Carolina today, and an invitation to our brightest possible future.”

This is an exciting project that we all hope will stimulate a broad public dialogue about the future of our state, and I believe it would be inappropriate for me to run for Chair during this time.

That said, the SC New Democrats will, of course, continue to stand up for the values and principles of the Democratic Party at its best — equal opportunity for all; a government of, by and for the people and not the special interests; and the kind of big, bold policy initiatives that improve the real lives of real people all across our state.

These are the ideals that unite us as Democrats. And I continue to believe that, thanks to the hard work and dedication of people like you, we will soon be able to say on a winning Election Night that they are the ideals that unite us as South Carolinians as well.

Phil Noble is a businessman in Charleston and President of the South Carolina New Democrats, an independent reform group started by former Gov. Richard Riley to bring big change and real reform to politics and government.


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One Response to “A Brief Word on the 2013 Democratic Chair’s Race”

  1. Dot Jackson February 4, 2013 at 9:02 pm #

    I understand your position — may your new opportunity turn into something that will help lift poor SC out of the Slough of Despond –where its current governor & co. have taken it.

    As for the SC Democratic Party, the corpse, like Lazarus, has been dead long enough to stink so bad that few will want to come near it. It will most certainly take a miracle to make any difference there. Political ignorance is something SC produces in embarrassing abundance and when so many of the “perps” hold college degrees and enjoy the comforts of affluence, I am not at all sure what can be done to improve anything. Some to whom I have been close, for many years, quit speaking to me when Mitt Romney lost the election. Can you IMAGINE anybody smart being so wretchedly dumb? The resurrection of Dick Harpootlian to be the current party chair shows that the stupidity is hardly limited to Republicans.

    So — I am at a total loss. Do you know ANYONE who is both capable and willing to be the new chair? I sure don’t. Frank Holleman is doubtless capable — but I doubt he’d be remotely willing. I had a maiden-lady sister-in-law over whom the old grannies and aunties used to cluck and simper, “Oh, keep the faith, Nannie Darlin’ — the Good Lard is sure to send you SOMEONE!” That’s the plight we’re in, here. And I b’lieve the Good Lard has been permanently distracted.

    Thanks for all your best efforts — you do NOT owe us the rest of your life.
    Good luck!

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